There are a lot added now – transcribed from a drty little schoolbook I bought in Vilanculo and have been recording thoughts in whenever I had free time in the last few days. There are typos – I know, and I will clean them out as soon as I have a sec – and it is a bit rough in places and the writing could use more polishing and blah blah blah. But life has been more for the living and less for the eloquent describing in the last few days, so the eloquent describing was put on hold. The others arrive in a few hours,  so I am off to meet them and will carry on using the grubby book in the days ahead – and the internet and this blog as soon as I am able.

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  • Hi Richard, great reading! Hope you are having good weather for your sailing up there. Seasons greetings. I’ll be sailing up there in June-August and can’t wait to get back to Mozambique. How long are you staying and what are your plans…going further north?


    Andrew Bell

  • I am headed back in just under a week I am afraid, but you should have good sailing weather when you come through the area. If you can, take a stop around the Bazaruto archipelago and Vilanculo to do some snorkeling – the coral and sea life is amazing.

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