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I’m new to the whole blogging thing, so had been looking for inspiration for a while now as to what would make a good experience to blog about. Unlike my more debonair brother, I am not touring Asia on an onion-free, volcano-filled English teachathon, nor have I seen much in SA recently which is more spectacular than, say, the local Spar. Not to knock Spar, – the place can be quite spectacular on the odd occasion (such as when it is on fire, filled with screaming weasels, or both).

Nevertheless, the desire to say something profound and leaderly afflicts me much as I suspect it does anyone who has taken the time out to set up a blog. After all, if there are so many fazillion people out there on the internet, surely there must be someone out there who would give a damn about my opinions. Nay, not just give a damn, but follow them with the same zealotry as one might one of those obscure jihad websites that I am told exist, but never seem to turn up in my Google searches.

So it is under this expectation that I am hoping to find the time/strength/willpower/humour to continue a blog over the coming months on interesting things which grab my thoughts and which, but for the fact that my work constrains me like a 50’s housewife in a kitchen, I would love to go out to a bar and share with the local population. Given the current foci of my existence, this is probably likely to be a combination of business, webby stuff, current affairs and fawning jealousy at my younger sibling’s fabulous adventures. :)