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It’s now Sunday night and shortly to become Monday morning.

(checks watch – crap. It is Monday morning)

Last monday, as anyone who pays attention to these sorts of things may have noticed, was Monday the 13th. Now in my books, that is undoubtedly the unluckiest day of the year. Yes, I realise that Friday the 13th should be given that prize by reputation, but when you think about it, Mondays are intrinsically crappy days in general, so tacking on a 13 to the end of it can only have some sort of diabolical multiplier effect. (Un)fortunately, this hypothesis bore more than its fair share fo fruit, as the week succeeding that fateful day saw all manner of excessive business and nefarious hackers trying to fiddle with my server and cause mayhem (Thanks to hours of dedicated effort on behalf of myself and Jonathan, they failed).

The net result of this was that, come Friday, I was more than a little tense and snappy and in dire need of a holiday. As this week comes rolling around (no 13 present in it at all), things are already looking up, with new business, new opportunities for interesting projects and at least two potential chances to escape Joburg for a bit to head for more restful surroundings. On the basis of this, I think that I have reached the conclusion that there definitely is some sort of karma at work here, and for all the grief and pain of last week, this one is giving me a most sincere apology and trying to make amends.

For my part, I am sure that I can be gracefully accepting.