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w00t ( I can use the term now, it is a real word – promise) – 60 hours remain until I am upon a plane and heading off to Thailand for the much-awaited year end break. The closer the whole thing gets, the more I am starting to be disconnected from the normal, waking, working world. Not that I am choosing such, mind you – it is more like watching yourself become physically unable to focus on normal, run of the mill activities. The sort responsible for securing a reliable supply of food, for example.

My typical sense for planning and drama has not been lost on my travel colleagues – most of whom are now being subjected to regular updates of the precise number of hours remaining until we board our flight to tropical oblivion. Ever the excitable beaver in the troop (or whatever collective noun may apply to our toothy, wood-consuming friends), it is at least partly reassuring to know that I am not the only one with silly adventure fantasies. My brother, whose warmongering social tendencies belie a softer, more genteel side, has regaled me with obsessions of finding unexploded ordnance for the purpose of taking home as a special touring souvenir. I intend to reward my brother with solo travel once he has found said trinket, with the distance of his new itinerary from me being largely determined by the size of the toy he manages to obtain.While I am a firm believer that holidays should take on an organic nature, free from planning and the sort of package tour straightjacket that many older tourists may succumb to, I am not without any sense of dramatic event. After much consideration, I will be taking the following clip with me – for immediate playing on arrival in Bangkok.

This undertaking is at least partly for the sheer story-value of the exercise (I am a devout follower of the church which frequently does things based on a preliminary assessment of the sort of story it would make in conversation some day). it is also something of a scientific experiment to determine whether hearing this tune while actually in Bangkok will confer upon it some sort of hitherto unlocked significance. Sort of how I imagine Land Down Under would acquire a particular flavour when listened to in Australia.More on this theme when I am there. At present, the productive hours of my day are spent in furious pursuit of the last outstanding items on my business to do list, minor shopping (and the homicidal thoughts that accompany my forays into the shopping malls during christmas) and wasting hours on SMSes to various people I intend to meet on the other side, in various capacities.Only 59 hours and 22 minutes now (makes fidgeting noises).

I’ve wrestled with angels all my life
Its always the haloes and the wings that keep you blind
And if I’d fought with all the strength I held inside
I wouldn’t be out here
Alone tonight


Above & Beyond – Alone Tonight