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PosterAgain a quiet night, again another urge to write something. Having finally gotten around to the more-taxing-than-expected task of compiling various footage and pics from the Southeast Asia adventure into a documentary DVD thing, I have found myself giggling again like a small child at our silly antics, remembering the sadness of places like Choueng Ek and reliving parts of the trip I had forgotten in the time since. When complete, the video is intended to be a series of chapters reminiscing over key points in our travels – the things we got up to, the sights we saw and just generally taking people back briefly to that feeling of adventure one last time. It’s a useful antidote to the real world.

While the video is taking its sweet time to get made (It is tough. I am trying, and thanks to my brother and feedback from Jonathan, I may yet get it right), I have at least produced a poster. No, I don’t have a proper reason for having made one – it just seemed like a fun thing to do. If you like it, click the pic and you can download the full size version, which prints deliciously on A2 gloss paper, and will enhance all but the most terminally boring wall.