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Oh, the number of times this blog gets used to reflect and narrate debating-related activites (fake sigh).  I am in Bloemfontein at the moment for the 2008 National Universities’ Debating Championships, hosted by the University of the Free State, and will post short updates of the results and activities of the tournament as it progresses

The proper registration only begins tomorrow, with the arrival of some 350 competitors from the various insitutions across the country. No longer a debating sort of debater, and one of the authors of a particularly useful piece of tab (tournament management) software, I am at the university for the week to manage the software for drawing the rounds, ranking adjudicators and making sure that we generally see the correct collation of results to make sure that we get the right team through to the octofinals.

Bloemfontein is much as I remember it from days gone by, except that I had forgotten exactly how biting the biting cold here really is (it bites like…, like something which bites a lot and rather hard). The organising committee from UFS appears to be doing a stellar job getting everything organised and the usual symptoms of sleep deprivation and overwork seem to be in evidence – which bodes well for everyone else having a fantastic time.

As the tournament progresses, I will try to get pics and perhaps even some video of the shenanigans up on this blog for interested folk to follow and laugh at the antics from afar.  Please do not adjust your frequency.