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AfricaAfter consulting some travel agents and a fair amount of homework done on the interweb, it appears that the overall route of the African backpacking adventure may need to be changed slightly, as one way flight from Ethiopia appear to cost more or less the same as return flights. Which in turn cost more or less the same as most of the actual trip to get that far up the continent. This in turn has led to a rethink of the initial route and a (I think) more adventurous route.

The idea then, is that instead of backpacking as far north as, say, Ethiopia, I would like to instead see how possible it would be to get to Kenya, cross left into Uganda, and then come back down via Zimbabwe – effectively doing a giant loop around the Great Lakes region. This itinerary would have the advantage of taking me through a larger number of countries which, while taxing on time and making for a more rushed trip, also means being able to see so much more variety in the places travelled through. In order, then, the countries that I would like to try to cover here are:

What comes now is the actual number crunching, to try and work out possibly useful information such as the relative stability of each of these places, the time taken to traverse them and the likely cost involved. If it all looks too long, expensive or dangerous, then there is some scope to cut off a few destinations, but it would certainly be nice to be able to experience something of that many places – but for the fact that it would be more of a fleeting observation of the country than an extended experience.

More on these plans will be added as I come up with them, and once again, any interested parties are welcome to come along – thanks to those who have expressed an interest so far. I can’t wait.