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OK. A proper evaluation of this trip has indicated that trying to do all of the East side of the African continent in 19 days was a bit overzealous. We have thus constrained our ambition to instead doing a decent coverage of Mozambique as filthy little backpackers – traveling by bus and doing the hostel/backpacker accommodation thing.

A general budget of what this is likely to cost can be found here. The numbers should show that the overall trip should be an affordable option for those looking for some adventure over the December break. There is no specific itinerary of where we have to be at the various days.The idea is broadly to take buses and/or ferries up the coast, seeing what there is to see as we go.

If you are interested in coming and haven’t been invited to the Facebook group around the trip, just email or leave me a comment and I will add you into the invite list and you can keep posted on developments.