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This coming week sees me in Grahamstown, working from decidedly more interesting and restful surroundings than the usual rush of stress and dirty air that characterises Johannesburg. Or at least the parts of it that exist when I am in my car. Which in Joburg is far too much of the overall experience. The onset of an expected (by everyone except me) cold front has made for some beautiful skies and clear days, perfect to try and get some photographs of the more interesting buildings and scenery here. Something which, thanks to some excellent advice from Dan and a pant wettingly-large hole being shot in my savings, is now possible with a spanking new camera.

I am no photography buff yet, so do not have the nerd-esque inclination (nor ability, even if the inclination was present), to overwhelm you with statistics and details about the device. Suffice to say, it’s name will be Bailey and it is large enough to club even a medium sized mammal to death. I am also informed that is is an excellent starting camera for the amateur (read: total noob) photographer who would like to learn more serious photography and build up a collection of appropriate kit. Which is a pretty accurate description of me at the moment.

I have had a 7Mp Fuji camera (not a DSLR, but one of those all-on-one devices) for about a year now, and it has served me well, taking pictures of all sorts of interesting places that I have been – including particularly nice pics of Laos, one of which is serving as the header of this site at the moment. While it has been excellent at doing its job (and taken a fair deal of use and abuse), it has also opened my eyes to how much amazing imagery interesting places and a decent camera can produce. And with it, an urge to try and actually get good at what has been (up until this point) a passing hobby. A quick look through what other people have managed to do with this camera on Flickr sets the bar pretty high. So I have no excuses and a good deal of learning to do.

So as I learn a little bit more and stop shooting everything on auto (it is far too easy). I will be sure to start posting some of it up here. It is always more exciting to be able to see a place, or the elements of an adventure in dramatic detail than relying on my hyperbole and your imagination. There is also a lot around these parts that really deserves to be shared. I am hoping that Bailey and I can communicate some of that in the coming days.