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After three weeks away, a bubble bath and soft bed were bliss. I have little doubt that the after-trip downers will start biting shortly, but the trip was well worth it and I am glad of the time, sweat and sense of humour that went into it.There is a huge amount that I have scribbled down that I want to write on, and will be working my way through a forest of thoughts, reflections and general trivia picked up on the trip – to keep me sane while trying to integrate with life back in South Africa again as much as anything else.   Some initial pics from the trip are already uploaded, and I will try to get more up as soon as bandwidth and time allow me to sift through and pick out the nicer ones from a few hundred taken over the course of the trip.

Overall, it was an enlightening trip, to say the least. It was (unsurprisingly, I suppose) nothing like what I had expected, but made me think long and hard about a good number of things, which is always the most valuable part of the journey. Partly, it was a chance to reflect on my own personal journey as someone who enjoys and deeply wants to continue to travel. Partly, it engaged me in some higher-order thinking about the state of the world, development and poverty. And partly, it was a shakeup of a lot of stereotypes I hadn’t even realised I held. About people. About the world. About the extent of my ignorance of it. And the deep, soul-filling satisfaction of learning, always learning, more.