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One of the two popular backpackers in Maputo, Fatima’s appears to be something of an institution for backpackers transiting through Maputo en route to adventures elsewhere.It was easy to get to Fatima’s from the airport and bus drop off  points (the formal ones for Greyhound and Translux buses and the far less formal mass of steel and wheels congregating at the depot affectionately knows as Junta). More often than not, many taxi drivers showing an interest in backpackers can simply be told “Fatima’s please”, without requiring the specific street (Av Mao Tse Tung).

With dorm, multiple room and camping accommodation, there is a good variety to Fatima’s, and the place has a well equipped kitchen for making your own meals (for the traveller on a budget). Exiting Fatima’s and turning left down Av Mao Tse Tung, there was also a largish local market, making the task of finding vegetables and seafood to cook up at the backpackers an easy task. The staff are helpful, have a safe to store your valuables (actually a cupboard behind the bar, but it has a lock) and serve beer and refrescos (soft drinks) from the reception desk for those who do not feel like the walk down the road to the market for substantially cheaper drinks.

While Fatima’s can be busy over peak days (Christmas and New Year in particular), it is a great place to stop over en route to further destinations north or south if you have the opportunity. Though you would be best advised to book two or more days in advance.


If you have been toFatima’s, I would love for you to leave your own impressions here for others. This writeup gets a lot of traffic from folk headed to Mozambique, so any information you could add would likely benefit them a great deal too. Thanks!