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Next to Fatima’s Place, The Base is the other popular option for backpackers transiting through Maputo.  Unlike Fatima’s, The Base is located closer to the interesting part of town, making for much shorter walks to the areas with major sightseeing and cultural attractions – useful to bear in mind if you are intending to do some Maputo sightseeing during your time in the city.The staff at The Base were terrifically helpful (almost annoyingly so). On arrival, I got a map of the local area, highlighting places of interest, dangerous areas, shops and just about everything else I could think of. The man at the counter that day was a huge font of knowledge on everything from ferry prices to the cost of getting a copy of my passport made and where I could get it done.  The Base had dorm and doubles accommodation at least, but no option to pitch a tent and camp, as was the case with Fatima’s. The dorm was in fact underneath the house in a sort of basement area, making it much cooler than the dorm in Fatima’s which was at ground level and had more people in it. This may not be a problem for much of the year, but in the December heat (when I passed through), it made for a noticeable difference in temperatures at night.

The Base also features a well-equipped kitchen (even though I only sought a teaspoon from it – with which to eat a pot of Nutella for breakfast. Mmmm Nutella.) and is about a 15min walk from the main municipal market in Maputo – an excellent source of fruit and veg, nuts, craftwork and toiletries, at prices generally less than any of the local supermarkets. It does not have the chilled bar and lounging area of Fatima’s but does have a balcony area overlooking the harbour, which makes for beautiful views, and has internet on site (something Fatima’s does not have, and for which you need to go and search). Overall, it is an excellent place to stop over, and is probably a better choice for those wanting to get out and see Maputo more than hanging around the backpackers meeting strangers (for which Fatima’s is probably the better choice).


If you have been to The Base, I would love for you to leave your own impressions here for others. This writeup gets a lot of traffic from folk headed to Maputo, so any information you could add would likely benefit them a great deal too. Thanks!