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If your plans for exploring Mozambique feature thatch huts and bars made of cane and palm leaves, then Baobab is an essential stop if you will be spending time in Vilanculo. Situated in the cane town (the area of Vilanculo made of sand streets and thatch huts with no lights at night), Baobab feels protected from the legions of South Africans in 4x4s which plough up and down the main road of the town during any available holiday

With a bar, well-equipped kitchen and accommodation ranging from thatched  selfcatering chalets to dorms in reed and tatch huts, it is as close to a natural beach bum existence as can be found anywhere in Vilanculo. Although away from town, it is a short (and always entertaining) walk to the main town area and local market for supplies, punctuated with greeting at least a dozen kids each way in English and broken Portuguese. Baobab also shares space with Odyssey Dive, who can arrange scuba training and excursions for those interested in seeing the reefs of Bazaruto up close. The staff are also able to arrange dhow safaris or other excursions for travellers wanting to get out onto (or under) the water during their time. Alternatively, Baoab can also make a superbly relaxing place to just vegetate and take in the sea and sky and palm trees while lazing in a hammock – they have those too.


If you have been to Baobab, I would love for you to leave your own impressions here for others. This writeup gets a lot of traffic from folk headed to Mozambique, so any information you could add would likely benefit them a great deal too. Thanks!