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…is always an excellent idea. After having decided where I would like to go and explore at the end of this year for another three to four week backpacking adventure, I promptly fell sick. It appears that after Mozambique my body was somewhat exhausted and was letting me know that I should stop pushing my luck. So one bout of throat infection and a minor fever later, I am back on my feet and able to share the news.

Travelling back from Asia in 2008 on Ethiopian Airlines, Kelly and I fell in love with Ethiopia based on little more than the profile in the in-flight magazine. We promised each other that we would go and see it in the near future, and but for the intervention of Mozambique, probably would have gone there last year. Sitting over coffee and catching up right after I returned from Mozambique, we decided that this would be the year for seeing that promise honoured. And so it shall be. Serendipitously, I have met at least one other person who made a similar promise and so it is likely that we will egg each other on to make sure that the trip happens.

So why Ethiopia? There are a few reasons

  1. It is amazingly beautiful
  2. It is accessible (flights in high season are well less than anything in South America or even Asia will be)
  3. For wanting to be immersed in and learn about different cultures, it’s hard to pick better. The country is the second oldest christian nation on earth and traced their monarchs back to almost the time of King Solomon. Plus there is a ridiculous amount of Islamic and Christian historical sites and architectural wonders, making it a photographic  dream.
  4. It is the country that gave the world the coffee bean. That right there is reason enough.

There are more, but Wikipedia enumerates the fascination of the place in far more detail than I can.

My brother has indicated that he will rather go and see colder climes in December, to get his snowboarding groove back into gear, but (as is usual with these things), if anyone who knows me would like to come along, send me a message and I will keep you informed of what I learn, and likely deluge you in interesting and exciting pics and trivia about the country up until the last minute of departure. I’m  excited already.