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The certainty of life is death, but the passage of time between birth and death is ours and ours alone.

There are some strange winds blowing through the world these days. The post above was written by a blogger called Mad Asthmatic, whose blog I had just stumbled across via Left Coast Cowboys. Mad Asthmatic passed  away last week. That post was the last she wrote.

By itself, it would be poignant enough. A sharp reminder that we should all be reflecting on what really matters to us, and what is merely transient fluff that we bury our heads in – forgetting our mortality, and the responsibility it places on us to live. To really, truly, properly make the most of every day, every friend and every chance to be and do.

But there are strange winds blowing through the world it seems. A friend of mine tried to kill herself last week, and another has had a part of her steady world come crashing down out of the blue, forcing her to re-evaluate her position and choose a new one. It was something that she has been intending to pursue for some time, but hadn’t fully jumped into doing. And with one breath of this strange karma, things get toppled and new doors open. This morning I felt, briefly, what it might be like to be there too. To lose my company and its taken-for-granted stability and be forced to adapt. It was an uncomfortable feeling. Then one followed by defiance.

I am a unique path, traced in the blink between my birth and death – never to be repeated in all the vast span of the universe

Because we are still here another day. We will have another morning and every bit of ourselves to enjoy it with. We can lose a lot. Everything. And still stay standing, fists to the sky. Because we remain here, journeys unfinished, with everything in the world to live for. I appreciated again that I am a unique path, traced in the blink between my birth and death – never to be repeated in all the vast span of the universe. And in that realisation lies a great freedom. The freedom of a soul no longer shackled to petty concerns, but free to be again what it finds most beautiful.

There is an oddness in the world these recent days. But not a darkness. Something else. Something that needs to be looked at deeply. Felt. And learned from.