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This blog began with a post of cringeworthy literary value in August 2007 and now, a little over a year later, this will mark the 100th post I have managed to write. As a minor piece of nostalgia, and inspired partly by Lisa at Left Coast Cowboys, below is a list of some of the more read highlights since this blog began. I hope it makes interesting reading, and here’s to the next hundred posts!

Courage Born of Experience

Around two weeks remain until I get to pack my backpack again and wander off. This time it is to Mozambique – and for all of the excitement and impatience I feel, it could just as well be Thailand and Laos again, that is how strong the feeling is. Years ago, when I first went overseas, it was very different…

Sunday Backpacker Holiday Review

At long last, I have finally gotten around to framing the pics from the South East Asian adventure. Not all of them, mind you, as 12Gb of printed photos would probably pave a road from here to Krugersdorp (yes, that is how much footage we managed to take off our four or so cameras). As someone who has framed less pictures than he would have fingers left after a horrific machinery accident, a great deal of thought has gone into the enterprise…

Memories in the Flesh

It was liberating to escape for an evening with a friend I have known forever – sitting on the roadside in a fat sofa with coffee and cocktails and watching the traffic – human and vehicle, strange and ordinary – passing by. Its those evenings when an hour turns to three and you can feel yourself physically melting into the night air, as your conversations – like a good book – start to straddle that space between talking about things and reliving those memories…

There is a Stirring in the Leaves

As the end of the year approaches, with it comes a strange nostalgia about the time that has passed, and what I have done of consequence during the time I have had. It is also a time of looking ahead, of startng to get excited for hitting the road with a backpack and heading off to Mozambique to see some sandy beaches and live life away from cities and responsibilities for a bit. To go back to being an excited adventurer in a foreign place, learning as I go…


Airports are interesting places. It’s a theme I have touched on before, but which makes for such a rich source of entertainment that I feel it is a place to which I must return occasionally in my writings.

Bittersweet Symphony

That’s life. This last week in Bloemfontein afforded me the (unexpected) chance to catch up and make peace with a ghost from my past, and a long drive back through the desolate wastelands of the Free State (the sunflowers were all dead) with the usual long-driving-Sam-has-fallen-asleep introspection that such trips afford..

Wanderlust Recurring

It comes on the wind on quiet nights, and when you have finished unpacking your bags from a long trip to a place you never thought you could go. Places in the world that you had never thought your life would take you to. To places in yourself that you never thought you could go, that you never thought existed. It comes from the fact that when the last coconut candy toffee has been eaten and the last bottle of offensive rice whisky has been given away (or worse, drunk), something remains.

Move the World or Move Yourself

One of the  most satisfying parts of traveling is not the places you see. It is the journeys between – the time you get to spend alone with yourself in quiet reflection, or in the company of good friends, having conversations on diverse and entertaining topics. Long train and bus trips in Cambodia and Laos had that quality. Travelling home from Durban today was like that too…


Firstly, apologies for the lack of fresh thinking, writing, or even a moderately intellectual spit onto this blog in a while. It’s funny (strange, not hilarious) how the work of, well, work, can get in the way of more creative and emotionally worthwhile activities. Like Poi, for example.