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Seriously now. Hot on the heels of Professors Mamba and Wakho, Sheik Kasim came flying into my hands from an enthusiastic pamphlet distributor down the road from my house. Since I have assembled something of a collection of such interesting advertisements to date, it would be remiss of me not to add this to the set, for the viewing pleasure of the general internet community.

Now, I understand as well as the next person the idea that there are things in the world that cannot be easily explained. Call it the supernatural, or simply something that Science (with the capital S) has not yet bothered to explain – like Deja Vu and contagious yawning. This stuff exists. It is therefore not wholly surprising that spiritual and other magical mediums exist in the world, and that, given the prevalence of capitalism in every corner of the globe, that they should feel the desire to advertise in the free market like grocery stores and panelbeaters.

I would imagine, however, that such people would concern themselves with the truly magical – contacting ghosts, containing the forces of evil, fighting off balrogs, that sort of thing. And so imagine my amusement that Sheik Kasim specialises in, among other super powers, “bringing you to see your enemies and make demands on them using a mirror”.  What, oh what, in all of the annals of shamen, druids, witches and other practitioners of magic over the centuries, have we descended to when this is a mainstream superpower? What, for that matter does this even mean?