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I’ve always been reluctant to spill the beans  on new projects or ideas that I am working on, as it creates an intense concern that I may not end up following through on the thing, thereby making my failure public before I realise that what I am trying will not work. In this case, however, I am going to make a rare exception – for the simple reason that declaring what I am attempting to do will create the will (or is it fear) to get the thing done.

Undiscovered Country is intended to be a multi-author blog on the philosophy of travel and all related topics, written by a variety of interesting people that I have had the good fortune to come to know over the years – now dispersed across the four corners of the world. It’s more Fight Club than Conde Naste, more open roads and travelling for the hell of it than package tours – but it will be interesting, hopefully full of learning and adapting, and a good deal of thinking and writing. Plus travelling. Lots of that.

It’s one of those projects that brings new air and light into life – makes you stay up until the wee hours working on it with a little excited song in your heart and all the giggles and hopes of something that really, truly aligns with my interests. So keep an eye on it in the months ahead – it may just tickle your adventure-bone as well.