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Sometimes even if you don’t. Yes, I feel more than a little guilty that I haven’t updated these pages in an age – though by all accounts, this does not seem to have stopped the internet beating down the door (albeit modestly) in the last few days to come and read the stuff here. I guess that means this site is starting to have depth. Yeah. Depth baby. I love how that rolls off the tongue.

Or possibly you came here looking for something altogether unconnected with the writing I have been so slavishly putting out over the years. Like the guy who my stats tell me was looking for matapotamus on the website. Yes you.  You are a strange one.  I would give the same eyeball to the people who came looking for Zombie Cucumber – except this blog actually has an entry with that title, so you are within your rights to come seeking that I suppose. It’s for the folk like you that I’ll have the search box up in the next day or so, with some other bits and pieces to make navigating the bohemian collection that this site is becoming just a little easier and oh so much more entertaining.

But back to the wonderland that is the glossary of search terms.

my brother practically makes cultivating angry comments into an art form, so a couple of nasty phrases are positively virginal by comparison

Lots and lots of you have been looking for stuff on Mozambique and the backpackers there, particularly Fatima’s nest (in Tofo) and Fatima’s place (in Maputo).  One of which received a lot of love from this blog, and one of which received very little. And was also apparently picked up on by someone who I think works there and felt the need to share some kind words on the place. No, not really. She hates me – but that’s just life when you allow blog comments I suppose. Heck, my brother practically makes cultivating angry comments into an art form, so a couple of nasty phrases are positively virginal by comparison.  Checking quickly – it looks like the review of Fatima’s nest is popping up 5th or 6th on Google at the moment when you look for Fatima’s Nest Review, which probably burns a little, given that it’s a rather blunt appraisal of the place. But i’m sure with a little penicillin and a stiff upper lip it’ll fade in time.

By and large though, your search terms don’t really offer anything to challenge the sheer unadulterated weirdness of certain other blogs, whose conversation I am shamelessly extending on here in order to hopefully break the blogger’s block of the last few days. The large majority of the search terms read more like a trip down memory lane, including such gems as Beer Lao (which shall forever have a place in my heart),  Angkor Wat (and happy pizza. Which was a huge crowd puller since faded like an aging cabaret dancer) and lots of Baobab Beach Backpackers (kindly host of the home made Pina Colada and some of the most beautiful skies ever seen in Africa while lying face up on a deck for hours arguing the meaning of life).

So keep it coming, you crazy little bright shining stars, you. I love that you come here, and i’ve got some even more interesting stuff on the way, as my little salute to lives and times that make little  real sense, but never stop being interesting.

And to you two from Lithuania and the Phillipines. You guys rock.