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A few more arabic classes down the way and the reading thing is getting easier by the day (pops fat head).  Besides a multitude of new and entertaining sentences that I can now construct – such as ten different activities that a donkey might perform in a car (a really useful trick for when I.. um… nevermind), I have also learned the word for dog. Kalb, in this case, marks a special point in any language course, you see.

Much like learning to count, or give your name, learning the word for dog in a language seems to be some kind of secret marker that you must pass – usually in your early lessons. Cat, if it comes at all, is usually much further on in the learning. Grouped together with other nonessentials like (in this case) the word for person, or even colours, the weather or basic directions.  Nope, we have to get good old dog in there first.  Go dog.