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Today’s reminder politely informed me that it is exactly two months to the day until I get on the plane to Cape Town to begin the journey. I politely informed the reminder that I was not nearly ready. I am not sure it understood.

So this week will be Visa Week. Next week and the week after may also be Visa Week

I haven’t looked at the to-do list in the last few days, but am fairly sure it has at least sixty things to be done before 13 November. Mostly silly and quick tasks such as finding light cotton shirts, an inflatable pillow thing for endless bus rides and checking my tent. Yet there are other, more pressing issues which really need to be looked at – and soon. Arranging visas (trying to get hold of the Zimbabwean Embassy has been an entire sub-task all to itself), finishing open projects and moving my entire life to Grahamstown or selling it before I go. These are not small things. At least terror is good for poking me into action. So this week will be Visa Week. Next week and the week after may also be Visa Week, depending how the original Visa Week goes.

In other, and slightly less cheeky news, Audrey will no longer be coming along to Cairo, but will instead be going to Nepal to rediscover a different dream, recently reawakened. I’ll miss her antics on the long road to Cairo, but know what it is like to find that what inspires you is different to where you were headed originally. Nepal will be amazing, and I truly hope that you find what you are looking for once again.