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African Conflict Map
An online map, showing over 94,000 instances of conflict events across Africa in the last 14 years and allowing users to browse conflict event data and export subsets of the overall dataset for research. Underlying data extracted from the University of Sussex’ ACLED data project.

A database/research console allowing users to conduct country-year queries across a range of databases (ACLED, Aid Worker Security Project, World Bank and others) and receive graphed layout of conflict, economic and other trends, exportable as summary tables or raw event and statistical data. Login protected, but demonstration accounts available on request.

African Armed Forces Journal

Ituri perspective: MONUSCO in the DRC (June 2012, Print & Online)

Africa Check

Is South Africa home to more than a million asylum-seekers? The numbers don’t add up. (August 2016)

African Defence Review

Infographic: Rooivalk attack helicopter (March 2015)
Limits to any future war (South Sudan, November 2014)
Infographic: The Gripen (March 2014)
Infographic: G5 artillery (October 2013)

City Press

Lazarus pill gives Eastern Cape man a miracle (September 2012)
Wrestling ghosts in Bhisho (September 2012)


 Voluntourism does more harm than good (November 2011)

Good Governance Africa

A Sahel storm in Niger: uranium blows radioactive riches in the desert  (September 2012, Print & Online)
Africa’s middle class floats between poverty and prosperity (July 2012, Print & Online)

Good Men Project

 “Over 1,500 people lying faux-dead with their mouths taped is a sight to see” (October 2011)
 How travel made me confront white privilege (August 2011)

Matador Network

Dancing back identity in Acholiland, Uganda (January 2011)
16 Masks we wear when traveling (April 2011)
The struggle to return home (May 2011)
Why you shouldn’t participate in voluntourism (August 2011)
24 Hours in Kasenyi, East DRC (January 2012)
7 Worst international aid ideas (February 2012)
Kony2012 Edumacating us about Africa (March 2012)
“My talk with Joseph Kony” (March 2012)
What I owe Mandela

Other/Freelance Video

Orania, the last Laager
Karate (The Kitgum music video)