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For your entertainment and at least partly for my nostalgia, I kept a list traveling from Cape Town to Cairo of various interesting statistics. It makes for a colourful two minute retelling of the course of events.

Cockroaches seen in hotel rooms:

On at least four different occasions. Once occasion provided at least three individuals.

Mice seen in hotel rooms:

One. Who even posed briefly for a photograph.

Number of places which called themselves hotels (but really weren’t):

Almost every one I stayed at. Except possibly in Khartoum.

Trains taken: Four

Trucks sat on top of: One

Trucks sat inside of: One

Buses taken: Fourteen

Horse carts ridden in: One

Feluccas lain in: One

Times I was asked for “One Birr Please”: (infinity symbol)

Number of times the local price of a sandwich that I paid in Aswan: Ten

Photos taken: 4,524

Photos which involve mice: Three

Journals brought along: Five

Journals filled with stories: 4

Journals given away to people who needed: One

Words written in the four filled journals: Somewhere around 60,000

Times I read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse: Two and a half

Times I read Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen: One

Museums visited: Nine

Pharmacies visited: Three

Number of occasions that there were school groups in visited museums: Seven

Number of times that there were school groups in visited pharmacies: None

Most days in a hotel with no water: Three

Number of stuffed toys taken with: One

Number of knives returned with: Three

Most consecutive days without a shower: Three

Number of times a country matched my expectations: None

Time taken: Fifty nine days

Time it felt like: An entire life.


Bonus! Mouse.