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Today is day ten of fourteen production days at the National Arts Festival here in Grahamstown. Having drunk enough instant coffee to give my stomach a callous, I brought a bodum into the newsroom with me this morning. Mmmmm. Real coffee.  The days are spent busily climbing through every market stall, theatre, coffee shop and street for photographs. The evenings are spent catching up on the parts of my life which are not strictly arts or Arts festival related. Which is a polite way of saying “Dear god, I have been busy these last days”. Out of the chaos, however, are a few more images. And a promise of a story as soon as I have properly slept.

Bullet the donkey has been carting families of visitors across town during the Festival.


This weasel thing was on display in an exhibition titled 'Relaas' at the Festival. In profile, it looks rather angry.

A herd of giraffe stare out from the market savanah. Their gaze colourful, if wooden.


Not all of the artworks are kept in galleries. Some stand outside for passers-by to ooh and aah over as they... erm... pass by.