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I dunno sometimes. It feels unfair, y’know. But I can’t pretend nobody told us. That we didn’t know it was coming. Just this morning in the paper, with those strikers gunned down like that… It was like bits of ash drifting in on the breeze. We’re going to watch the world burn. Hell, we’re going to be the fire.

We walk in the embers already. Truth is, they’ve been glowing for too long now. Coals fanned by screams and dulled by tears in an equilibrium that cannot hold forever. Well the tears are drying up, and the screams are becoming louder. Wild circles of angry air beginning to whirl in the foundations, gathering strength and stitching an incandescent cloak.

It’s time to leave the heights. To seek the foundations, turning old complicity into a new solidarity, and becoming the the fire. Lending our tiny breaths to the rising storm. The truth, if you’re brave enough to see it, is that the old equilibrium is falling fast around us. New pages are coming. A story like we’ve not known in our lifetimes, and a war to assert humanity in the cold face of society.

That’s the truth. If you’ve the eyes to recognise it, and the heart strong enough to hold the profound weight of its implications. Because to trade complicity for solidarity is both the most expensive bargain you’ll ever make, and the biggest you may ever have the opportunity to.

There will always be work for hands and weight for the hearts that look. We who will live to watch the world burn.